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Moving Act! Premium for Workgroups to server

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Moving Act! Premium for Workgroups to server

Hello! Up until three weeks ago I had the original install of my database running on a dell poweredge 2900. A raid failure took that machine out of service, my backups were fair, but I needed to use a recovery service on the disks ( punctured raid 5 stripe ) ,


I quickly setup an XP desktop to serve up the backup database to users. ( lets call it DB2 )


I have put together a cluster of Dell R520's running server 2012 and they are in production.


All users have agreed that we are going to continue with DB2 for production and I now have two dilemmas.

  1. I am unable to move DB2 from the XP machine to the server. Tried several methods from the KB and none have worked. – Suggestions. I seem to remember needing to manually edit the .PAD file but that was years ago I put it on the 2003 server.
  2. I have the old database ( DB1 ) in its original form from the raid 5 setup. It is on an external USB disk sent back from the drive recovery service. Users are fine with an output of the contacts to PDF and they will pull info needed from there. It equates out to about two weeks of information. What is the best way to access the info. Is there a way to merge the data with the production database?

Act version : ACT! by Sage Premium for Workgroups 2007 (9.0) (EX Edition) Version


Thanks in advance.



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Re: Moving Act! Premium for Workgroups to server

One additonal thought I had was to virtualize XP on the new server and run the database from there. Bad idea?

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Re: Moving Act! Premium for Workgroups to server

I don't think that version will run on a 64bit machine so your best bet is probably to run the virtual XP machine.  The current version of ACT! is v16 so you are about 7 versions back.  Needless to say there have been a number of improvments to the product since then.  I would recommend upgrading.



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