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Move data from one field to another.

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Move data from one field to another.


After updating from ACT Premium 2005 to ACT Premium 2010 Financial, I have Fields that I had added that are now part of the new system.  For example 'SpouseSSN' is in mine, the 2010 database now has a field 'Spouse SSN'. 


How can I copy everything from one field to another?


I have a few fields like this, and it would be very time consuming to do it manually.  I can go in to the layout design and click on the specific object and change the database field.  But in the past I found making changes to ACT can influence how other programs work with it.  They are designed to look for specific field name, so I would prefer to keep the fields as ACT names them if at all possible.

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Re: Move data from one field to another.

First you will want to make a backup of your database (File > Backup > Database).  This is highly recommended when making mass changes to a database. 


To update all of the contact records in your database, you can:

- perform Lookup > All Contacts (Contact List presented)

- go to Edit > select Copy Field option

- You will then specify which field to copy to the appropriate field

This action will be performed on every contact in the Lookup results.  If you'd like to test it before running against the All Contacts list, you can do a Lookup for a particular contact and then perform the Edit > Copy Field option.


This action will leave the data in the original field.  If you wish to remove it from the original field, you can then choose Edit > Replace Field and chose the original field and leave the value blank.


Note: The Swap Field option will also work as a single step, I just prefer the additional control of breaking it into 2 steps.

Greg Martin