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Move ACT Prem for Financial Pros from old W7 machine to new W7 machine

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Move ACT Prem for Financial Pros from old W7 machine to new W7 machine

Hello all -


I hope someone can help, I'm stuck.  I moved everything over with PC Mover from my old stand alone Dell to my new stand alone Dell.  Both machines are W7.  I'm using Act! 2010 Premium for Financial Pros.  I have the adf file and the pad file in the my documents/Act/ACT for Windows12/Databases folder.  Nothing seems to work, I keep getting "can't access database" and F1 for trouble shooting.  Trouble shooting doesn't, it just doesn't open or do anything.  I was going to try re-installing the program, but I can't find the darn disc.  I was hoping to find a download of the program on support pages, but can't find that either.  Any help would truly be appreciated, this is the last thing that needs to work and then I can work completely on my new machine.





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Re: Move ACT Prem for Financial Pros from old W7 machine to new W7 machine

The PAD file from your old computer will not work with the new computer because the PAD file is essentially just a shortcut that tells Act! that the database that you're trying to open exists in a particular location on a different machine. Act! thinks that you're trying to access a shared database, and since there's no network connection between your new machine and the old machine or the database doesn't exist there anymore, it can't access it.


Try to use these steps to open your database


  1. Delete the PAD file that you're using to try to open it so that you just have the ADF, ALF, and database files folder. 
  2. Open Act! and Click File > Open Database
  3. Browse to the location that your database is located if it doesn't already bring you there
  4. Set the file type to open to ADF so that you can see the ADF file
  5. Select the ADF file for your database and click Open


This should allow you to open your database. 


If you should want to move your database in the future, I have a little advice for you that you may find helpful. Moving your database using a third party program is not recommended as it can result in data loss depending on the method that is used to do so. I would recommend using Act! to create a backup of the database (if possible). You can find information on how to do this in the following Knowledgebase article: 


Hope this helps!

Elise O.
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