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More Questions

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More Questions

Hi All,


Since my last thread was set as Resolved I didn't know if anyone else would look at the questions I need help with.


1) When a user is in the Note tab in the Contact Layout, it looks like the user can change the Recod Manager of the person inserting the note. I'm not sure why this would be set as the default because whoever inserts the note should be the one who is recorded as entering the note. Is there a way to make this field unavailable and default to the user entering the note? For example, My Salesperson inserts a note and above the details section there is a drop down list for Record Manager which includes all the Salespeople and Users. So if My Salesperson enters a note they can change the Record Manager to User 1 for example.


2) With regard to drop down lists, is there any way to create subcategories in lists? For example, I may have Main Groups for my list and then single items listed below those Main Items.


For example:



                 My Design Amenities

                 My New Design


etc. Is ths possible?


3) When I create a secondary contact and press the CTL+H to add History, why can't I see this secondary contact? I want to be able to list my secondary contact as the person I spoke with. How do I do this?


Thank you for your help!



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Re: More Questions

Notes:  In Act! 2010, if a user is assigned an access level of Standard, they are not able to change the record manager of a note or history.  Further, if you login to their installation of act! on their PC as a manager or admin, in the preferences, you can uncheck Edit Notes, Edit History.  They will be unable to make a change to these and this keep them from making any changes to an existing item - even ones they created.

Lastly, in Act! Premium, you can remove Delete Records from their user profile and this applies to contacts and notes/history.


Drop down list - not possible w/o specific add ons.


We tell all of our clients to ignore secondary contacts.  As you see, there are just too many limitations with them.  If there are important enough to be in the database, they are important enough to be a contact.  If you feel the need to segregate these for some reason from 'Level 1' contacts, perhaps use ID/Status or a custom Yes/No field with a name like 'Secondary'.


Hope that helps! 


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Re: More Questions

Thank you for responding.


We use the secondary contacts for different positions, for example General Manager, Housekeeper, etc., so if we want to do a mailing we can target those individuals. I don't necessarily want to add a new record for them as there can be 5 or more contacts for the same company. To set up an individual record for each contact would complicate the Manger's ability to monitor whether or not customers are being worked properly. Under the record we do set up we would like to see all communication regardless of which contact the Salesperson corresponded with. Is that possible with ACT?


What would be the add on required to get expanded drop down lists that you spoke of?


Thanks again,