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More Options on the New History Tab

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More Options on the New History Tab

I use the New History tab almost every time I make a phone call or write an email.  I would like more options and the ability to customize the drop down


Type: The standard choices are as follows



(Added Text) many times we text instead of calling or emailing



Personal Activity



Result: The standard choice are as follows

If Type call is chosen the result is call attempted, call completed , left message, call received, Please add Voicemail as an additional option to message left and voicemail for call received, because often people leave a voicemail.  Also add Text Message


"Other" in the Type drop down  is okay but you should have sent of received an email as a primary choice, not as a secondary choice that you drill down to.


 Date:     Time:       Duration: 


 For duration please save me a lot of time to be able either have 1 minute as a standard choice, for example to leave a voicemail is 1 minute or less.  Or allow me to customize the duration for the task.  I don't want to waste time clicking into the duration and backspacing to delete the time and the reenter 1 minute.  I make gazillions of call, saving 30 seconds to record each call activity x gazillions of calls equals tons of time I could save.