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Modifying a quote template

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Modifying a quote template

We would like to utilize the quoting functionality but our product descriptions which populate the "Name" field on the generated quote does not allow enough room for the full description. 


Is it possible to:

1. set the template to open in a landscape view?


2. set the entire column under "Name" to text wrap?


We are running 2010 Premium Version 12.0.409.0 Hotfix 4.

Nickel Contributor
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Re: Modifying a quote template


Do you know how to Edit ACT template files using from ACT drop down, Write | Edit Template.. | selecting the Quote.ADT file in the DB templates sub folder which you can change landscape and other stuff than from Word 97-2010 do a Save As that will show able to save in ADT file extension ACT formate as quote.adt or other names?

Be sure to first backup quote.adt

Save as Quote.adt is a must if you use the built in links to create quote since it looks for that file name.


Also to learn how to edtt the act field codes inserted in the file you can right click on inserted act field right click, toggle field codes to be able to insert statements for the fields function.