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Mobile ACT drop-down list edit update error with custom Company table fields

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Mobile ACT drop-down list edit update error with custom Company table fields

[ Edited ]

I have a very odd situation with the ACT mobile layout causing an error when trying to update a Company, similar to the issue cited here:


ACT breakdown:

-Current version: ACT Premium For Web v17 with Hotfix 3

-Database shared on network server (also hosting APFW interface); OS - Windows Server 2012 R2

-DB was upgraded from ACT Premium 2013 with QSalesData v3 (only relevant for number of table columns; QSD updated to v6)



--Trying to save the Company custom fields causes an error along the lines of:

cannot assign to  Parameter name: item.


Other Notes:

--Due to the large number of columns created by the QSalesData plugin, the database now has a CUST_CompanyTable1

--In this custom Company table is a newly created Custom Field with a drop-down list menu tied to it

--I can update the menu on both the desktop and APFW perfectly fine; only the Mobile layout on an ipad causes the issue

--I can update menu drop-downs on the Mobile layout for fields located in the TBL_Company perfectly fine; only the custom table fields are broken

--ACT 2015 Demo testing passes, but it doesn't have a custom company table.

--[EDIT] I forgot to add that if I remove the drop-down list option from the field, it saves character entries correctly; the issue is only with linking to a drop-down menu.


On a side note, there is also an issue creating new Opportunity or Company, though we can create new Contacts normally.  I'll save this for another issue request after more research.


I'm hoping there's an obvious solution out there to fix this issue with the Mobile layout, and I welcome any advice.  We like the streamlined mobile layout for certain functions, but this seems like a very weird error when the Windows/APFW versions work fine regardless.


If I'm hosed, I suppose I could 'relocate' the desired fields (i.e. create new custom tables for non-dropdown menu fields, delete the old ones, create new ones that'll be within the core TBL_Company table), but that doesn't help me much as we continue to standardize data capture on new fields as we expand. That and it's a headache but one i'll work with if necessary.


Thanks all, welcome the help!