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Mixed Act Premium 2007 w/ACT for Web?

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Mixed Act Premium 2007 w/ACT for Web?

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Hello. My company currently has seven users. We're in Small Business Server 2003, and I have the machine configured to allow VPN access, etc. However, ACT! is a big file, and doesn't seem to like being used over the VPN!


We're looking to add some offsite users. ACT for the Web seems logical for this.


Can anyone see anything I might have a problem with? Can I "mix" licenses?


Also, is my entire premise for doing this - to save bandwidth and avoid db errors from connection problems - logical?

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Re: Mixed Act Premium 2007 w/ACT for Web?

Yes you can have mixed environment with prem and web users.


Web works well for some people and sync environment works better for others. I'd think that syncing would be the most bandwidth effecient as there is no perpetual connection and there is no need for IIS or setting up your server as a web host.


Either are viable solutions.