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Minimum Bandwidth Requirements

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Minimum Bandwidth Requirements



I was hoping that someone would be able to provide me with the minimum bandwidth requirements for ACT Premium Cloud? Right now we are running on a very slow 5mb up/25mb down and it appears that the updating is somewhat slow and connection occasionally drops out due to the high number of devices connected via wifi. 


We are contemplating upgrading to a 25mb up/60mb down or 60mb up/100mb down but would like some feedback if possible. 

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Re: Minimum Bandwidth Requirements

Hi there,

We don't have an official minimum bandwidth recommendation for this. I would however expect 25mb down to be more than sufficient for this purpose.
Have you tried accessing your database on another, faster connection to test if the speed improves?

As you've stated the wifi is congested with other devices, I would also suggest connecting via ethernet to eliminate any slowdown or connection drops caused by the wifi access point.
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Re: Minimum Bandwidth Requirements

The increased speed should be enough but all to often the advertised speed is the maximum and something called contention ( everyone else using the same link) can dramatically cut down speeds. Try to find out if your connection is just for your company or is shared with other users in the local area.