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Migrating Custom Layouts

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Migrating Custom Layouts

I am using ACT v9 Standard. I manage 3 DB's (3 unique layouts). We are considering a migration plan to deploy ACT Premium v10. Curious to hear experts on which v10 to go with; ACT for Web v. ACT Premium. Will only have 5 seats and 3 are remote users. Each user will have a fast DSL or better connection. Are synch issues and multiple custom layouts easier on one version over the other?


Neil Ferree


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Re: Migrating Custom Layouts

I would go with Premium because if you are wanting to synchronise multiple databases then you have the synch service available. No difference with Web but I would only use this version if you require your users to also have web access when the desktop version is not available.


Should not be a problem with layouts as these are unique within each database set.

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