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Microsoft sans serif regular font for act! not present

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Microsoft sans serif regular font for act! not present

After a friend removed all of the foreign language fonts from my Windows7 laptop, Sage ACT Premium 2011 would not run, it gave the error message "Microsoft sans serif regular font for ACT! not present." Obviously my friend deleted a little more than just the foreign language fonts. However, when I went into Control Panel / Fonts and scorlled down a ways, there it was, Microsoft San Serif Regular, installed and ready to go. I tried reinstalling the font just to make sure, but ACT still would not open and run and I kept getting the same error message.


To make a long story short, I found out that there are actually three fonts called "Microsoft Sans Serif Regular," or "MS Sans Serif Regular," or "MS Serif Regular." Fortunately, my friend had saved all the fonts that he had removed as files in another folder. Unfortunately, to make things a bit more tricky, the file names for each font file do not match the actual font name displayed in the control panel. In my case, the file that needed to be reinstalled was "sserife.fon"


So if anyone else finds themselves being told they don't have Microsoft sans serif regular installed, when you know full well that you do, be aware that there is more than one font that goes by the same approximate name and make sure you have every variant of that font installed, including one whose file name is "sserife.fon"

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Re: Microsoft sans serif regular font for act! not present

Hello RWPeck59,
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We appreciate that you have shared your experience and the information about the fonts! Thank you very much!
Greg Martin