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Microsoft Office Addins not working after Microsoft Easy Transfer

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Microsoft Office Addins not working after Microsoft Easy Transfer

Sage ACT! Premium 2013 Version

Microsoft Office 2010 Professional 32-bit

ACT resides on my laptop harddrive, no shared server

Windows 8 OS


On 5/24, I uninstalled ACT, then installed Microsoft 2010 on my PC. After installing Office, I reinstalled ACT. It worked great, the ACT Outlook addin was working great (when I sent test email message from act, it sent, and showed up both in my ACT history and Outlook history).


Fast forward to the next day...I decided to use the Microsoft Easy Transfer tool to bring over my old emails. The tool worked great and I got all of my files over to Outlook and email working. I also sent some test messages from within ACT which worked, however, they no longer show up in ACT history (sent ACT messages only show up under Outlook). Under Outlook - File - Options - Addins, ACT Outlook Addin shows up as "Disabled" and doesn't allow me to Enable it.  (shows as Unloaded). 


I uninstalled ACT and reinstalled. Same thing - emails send from Outlook and within ACT, but do not show up in the history. There are also no outlook icons in Outlook.


Another issue, is that I can no longer edit Excel templates (i.e. Quote - word format) after the Easy Transfer. It does appear that I can edit word.


I also noticed that in my Windows 8 apps home, the Office Icons are gone there and only show up on the main desktop (a mirror of my old computer).


I'm guessing that when I did the transfer it changed some of the Office settings on my new computer and caused it to unload? Any insights on what happened or how to fix?


My old PC that Outlook Data files came from was a Windows 7 machine, had Office 2010 (not professional).



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Re: Microsoft Office Addins not working after Microsoft Easy Transfer

Hello Dsealey,
Welcome to the ACT! Community!

Have you tried an uninstall/re-install of Office?

Note: The uninstall should leave the Outlook *.PST file (data file) in place, but I recommend creating a backup before uninstalling.
Greg Martin