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Merging multiple act databases on Premium V16

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Merging multiple act databases on Premium V16

I have a question and the answer apparently can't be found using the Help funtion within Act. We ended up having 3 different Act databases that now need to be blended into one database that is then shared out by remote database. How can I blend/ merge these 3 databases?


I looked on here, but the references are to older versions by Sage that aren't shown on Sage's website anymore.







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Re: Merging multiple act databases on Premium V16

Blending databases can be either simple or complex depending on the structures.  If they are different, you need to ensure there are matching fields in the receiving database.  The users also have to be there as well.  Here's a good document/KB that talks about what you need to do.  Basically once ready you are going to be exporting from the two databases into one.  user management will be important to ensure you keep histories/activities/linked correctly.  And, depending on the size of the databases, be sure to allow LOTS of time for the merges to occur.  You have to do them one at a time.


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Re: Merging multiple act databases on Premium V16



we do offer a service, where we merge your database, we did make a addon, where we can merge 2 database into one, without loosing any data. (even Private data is detected and merged.


we do it in the following way..


1. you must  purchase the database analyis, thensend us the backup´s of your database, then we will do a test migration, and give you access to the database to check the outcome.

2. when you confirm that the database is as expected, then you need to make the final payment, resend the data on i.e thursday, we will then run the merge, and you will then recive a backup of the merged database on sunday/monday (depending on the amount of data that is in the database) we can give you the final time estemate after you confirmed that the testmigration did work.




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