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Merging Husband and Wife's name onto mailing labels

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Merging Husband and Wife's name onto mailing labels

I use ACT 2009 Premium and have a member database where both the husband and wife are separate members. The database is set up with first name, last name, street address, city state and zip.


The husband and wife must have 2 different accounts because sometimes their membership enrollment dates are different.


I want to print mailing labels for a newsletter, but only send 1 per household. I don't care if the labels read John Doe & Mary Doe or John & Mary Doe, but the important thing is that I somehow only send 1 per household.


Anyone have any ideas? Can I merge the duplicate addresses into a separate database just to print labels?

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Re: Merging Husband and Wife's name onto mailing labels

You're better off creating a "household mailing group", where only one of the records from each household is included (I'd suggest a simply Yes/No field that indicates "Primary Household Contact). Then create a "Household Salutation" field which will include the appropriate household members name (ie., "John & Mary Doe", or "Doe Family"). Once this is complete, it's simply a matter of creating a custom mailing label that substitutes the "Contact field" with the "Household Salutation" field.


This is common in the financial planning and insurance industry where a broker can have multiple clients within single household, but for marketing purposes would only need to contact them at the household level.


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Re: Merging Husband and Wife's name onto mailing labels

You can't pull information two separate records to print on one label. On one of the other or possibly both you need to have a field for the spouse name and that record would need to be marked as the primary record which you would use for the mailing labels. Because you have ACT! 11 if you update to 11.1 you can take advantage of the relationships capability to link the primary with the spouse record.
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