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Merge multiple Excel files

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Merge multiple Excel files

Hi, i have about 10 different excel files that i need to import into my act database.

In each file there is one column that is the key column, Its called the 'Site ID". What i want to do is import file one. Then when i import file 2 i want ACT to see only that one column "Site ID" and merge the data into the fields instead of creating a new record. Basically just update the record with any additional fields. Each spreadsheet has additional information for each record.

The question is how to i tell ACT that "Site ID" is the only field i want it to use to determine if it already exists or if its a new record?


Thanks for your time.


Tony Paolillo


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Re: Merge multiple Excel files

The ACT! import won't work for what you want to do. The merge in the ACT! import won't update existing data data in fields, only fill empty fields. You need a third party utility like OakMerge to do what you want.

Roy Laudenslager
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Re: Merge multiple Excel files

Alternatively, you could merge the spreadsheet into one single sheet outside of Act, and then importing the data.