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Merge User X field into Notes or History automatically on import

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Merge User X field into Notes or History automatically on import

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Greetings all, I run a fairly small eCommerce business that sells on eBay, Amazon and an ecommerce website using Magento. Some of my customers are repeat customers.


I think I've figured out my import process from a csv file, but the importing to an existing contact is where my issue is. Here is what I currently have planned out for my user fields:

User 1: Item purchased (most recent order)

User 2: Item Number (most recent order)

User 3: Quantity purchased (most recent order)

User 4: Date (most recent order)

User 5: Total (most recent order)

User 6: Total of all orders


For a customer making a single business this is perfectly fine, but for repeat business is where the problem is. If a customer has purchased another item, I want user fields 1-5 to be put into either history or notes so the most recent order stays on the user fields tab of their record. I'd also like an ongoing total of all orders (if I have to manually enter this it would be okay). Some people have made 4-5 orders with the business and I expect them to make more purchases in the future due to the type of business I run.


Can a script be written to do this automatically but only if the current import makes a contact match? I know that there are addons to do calculations, but again - I want this done automatically after I do an import. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I can of course provide further information if needed.

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Re: Merge User X field into Notes or History automatically on import

While almost any field can be marked to marked to create a history, it will be intermixed with all the other history items. 
I would suggest that you give consideration to using the tables addon program.  You can see a Youtube demonstration here.
I have been using tables in ACT Ver. 20 with tremendous success.


Hope this helps, but please schedule a call if you with to discuss further.


I do not sell product, but there are a numer of ACT resellers that can fulfill the Tables Addon.

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Re: Merge User X field into Notes or History automatically on import

I just wanted to endorse John's remarks and also recommend him for the work. It makes sense using someone with experience in ACT table building as trying this without experience can be challenging.