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Mass Edit Companies

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Mass Edit Companies

I've recently started working for a company that's using ACT! premium for Workgroups 2006 Ver. 8.0 and I'm taking on the task of reorganizing their database but I'm having trouble with editing the companies and it's subdivisions.


My company is using the companies list as their way to track individual sales agents' companies. They have the sales agent's name as the company and their companies as the subdivisions.


example:    Company (Sales Agents Name)

                         - Subdivision (company name)

                         - Subdivision (company name)

                         - etc.


My question is, when a sales agent (or company, as listed in our database) is no longer working for us, how do I transfer the subdivisions to another company (sales agent) with out doing it one at a time? Is there a way to do a mass move?



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Re: Mass Edit Companies

There isn't a way to mass select companies and move them.  Here is a workaround that I found. I haven't tested this in 2006, so I'm not sure if the same will apply.  But in ACT! 2009, you can move the parent company to a new company, then delete the old parent. This will transfer the divisions to the new company.  Try doing this within a test database before doing these changes in your production database.  Also make sure to create a backup of the database before making the changes.



Company (David) is the old parent company that you want to transfer divisions from.  I will move Company (David) to Company (Michael) the new owner.  Which will also transfer the divisions.  I then delete Company (David) and it will then transfer the divisions to Company (Michael).



There could be a simpler way, but I am unaware of it.  Maybe another ACT! user or ACC will know of a different way and follow up.