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Mass E-mailing

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Mass E-mailing

Hello All


Im new to this forum, so be gentle.Smiley Happy


We have recently upgraded from version 8 to version 10 premium.


I have successfully created several groups that contain contacts that would like to receive our newsletters. Each group can contain upto a thousand contacts, however when i try to send a mail merge, using act e-mail which is attached to Microsoft outlook 2003 the process gets so far then bombs out, the e-mail i am sending is only 3k and basically hosts a link to our website. Both act and outlook stop responding and come up with the usual microsoft error report. The machines i use have windows xp professional, dual core pentium processors with 4gb of memory. I have configured act to use outllook express and the mail merge process works fine.

Act Uk have basically suggested the problems lies with the third party package (outlook) to which i do accept. The problem with outlook express it will not send plain text and no hyperlinks etc

Is there a solution to outlook 2003 or is there a third party software package that will send e-mails to groups.



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Re: Mass E-mailing

Chances are the problem you are seeing is a depletion of system resources because of the volume of e-mails you are trying to send form the ACT! program. With an e-mail merge, ACT! creates an individual e-mail message for each person being set to. For an e-mail to 1000 contacts, that places a significant strain on the system resources. For that volume of e-mails, a better choice would be an e-mail service such as Swift Page E-mail. they can connect to the ACT! database and provide significant results reporting.
Roy Laudenslager
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Re: Mass E-mailing

Royel I dont agree, he mentions that the system doesnt crash using Outlook Express (just that OExpress doesnt do the rich text) It crashes in Outlook 2003 -- I too have ACT to Outlook (2007) problems.... random and inconsistant....

I would suspect from your symptoms, its another ACT defeciency --- sometimes I wonder how many contacts are in the dbase that the Sage developers test their software with.....

(I will post my rant, watch for it - if you are interested)  

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Re: Mass E-mailing

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Hi Frostman -


Swiftpage is a third party ACT! add on that sends directly from ACT! to your contacts, groups, companies and look ups with no send limit restrictions. In addition to being able to get a number of emails out to your ACT! contacts, Swiftpage provides reporting of who opened, clicked, bounced and more.

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Re: Mass E-mailing

Hey Dog -- You should ask your Boss, to sell his business to Sage (or atleast consult to work with Sage) ..... Im sure the developers you have, have an 'outside the box' thinking of ACT, and certainly an excellent working knowledge of the architecture - and many would agree that Sage needs help ......