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Marking notes for searching later

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Marking notes for searching later

I can't figure out any decent way to do this.


When customers call us with support issues, we log them as a note in ACT!.


I'd like to be able to selectively search for all tech support notes for a given time period, across all contacts.


Ideally, we could add a custom field to a note, so we could mark it as a type of call (tech support, sales, etc.), then search for these, but this feature does not exist.


We thought about putting a certain piece of text in each note that we coudl search for using a keyword search - but keyword search doesnt present results in a way that is easy to report on (e.g.: we cannot select the fields returned like contact name, date, etc, and dump it to excel for reporting).


Our goal is to be able to a certain type of call in ACT!, then go back and pull data on those notes for reporting.  Right now we double-enter all of this info in both ACT! (for a common history) and Excel (for reporting).


Is there any way to get this kind of info w/o resorting to a seperate Excel spreadsheet?


thanks - djm

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Re: Marking notes for searching later

Hello djm,
Honestly, using Notes is not the best way to do this. You would be better able to search, track and report on these calls if you recorded them in History instead. Also, with History you can create create a custom activity type for the type of call you are doing.

Greig Hollister

Note: Effective 6/1/13, Sage no longers provides support for the Act! software. This is now provided by Swiftpage.

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Re: Marking notes for searching later

Ok Greig - this is much closer to waht I was trying to do!


I can create a history type of Tech Support Call, assign a result of Completed or not, and even put the amount of time spent in Duration and set Regarding to the type of trouble they were having...


But is is possible to search for all of the histories of this type across multiple contacts, and get the results in a grid or something that can be exported?


For example, ideally i would search for:  all histories of type "Tech Support Call" across all contacts and within a given date range.


And I would would like to end up with a grid with the following:



  • Contact name
  • Company
  • History Date
  • History duration
  • History Result
  • History Record Manager
  • History Regarding
  • History notes
Is this possible?  I would only need to query this once a month.  I cannot seem to find a lookup type that will return a list of histories that meet certain criteria...


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Re: Marking notes for searching later

You might want to look at a custom tables addon such as Topline Designer at

Rita Kogstad
RKA Associates
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Re: Marking notes for searching later

It looks like this tool will do what I need - has a couple quirks (more ACT!'s fault than anythign) and already found a bug, but their support has been very responsive already and is fixing the issue, so I am going ahead with buying it.

Thanks for the info - Dan