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Mapping multiple opportunities to Excel

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Mapping multiple opportunities to Excel

We are running Act! Premium Version and Office Professional 2016 on Windows 10. Ours is a shared database.


I'm trying to determine if the Map to Excel function will work for this or if I should be looking for another solution. My goal is to create an Excel document that can be automatically (or with few steps) populated with several pieces of information from multiple ACT! opportunities. However, I'm running into issues and I can foresee more. 


1. I've been unable to create an Excel document, add it to multiple opportunities, and successfully populate the desired fields from each opportunity. 

2. If I'm able to achieve 1., will I need to update the document using the Map to Excel button for each individual opportunity? Or is there a one-button solution to this?


I could of course use the Export to Excel function, but the goal is to have as close to a living, automatically updated spreadsheet as possible.




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Re: Mapping multiple opportunities to Excel

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Have you tried the ActReader ODBC connection? Wont work like the Map to Excel function that Act! provides, more of a reporting feature. But it will grab multiple opportunities/every other user field in all of the modules of Act!. If you have already thought of that/tried, you could check out exponenciel's excel add-ons.

Good Luck! < - can refresh on its own in Excel!