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Managing Smart Tasks

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Managing Smart Tasks

I know it can't be that difficult, but...


I created a Smart Task and filter.  Set it to run manually.  Performed a lookup for two test records.  Selected Run Smart Task for all Records in Lookup (2), and nothing happens.  When I View Status of Smart Task, it simply says "In Progress - Awaiting User."  And it stays there. 

What steps am I supposed to perform now?  Or what steps is it supposed to perform?  It's only creating a follow-up To-do Activity for two records...




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Re: Managing Smart Tasks

I see this was posted last year and don't see any response. I am having the same problem. This is first time I'm using Smart Tasks. I did have it searching for certain criteria. I had it looking for a specific "last results" option. A lookup gives me the right results, but trying to run the smart tasks, gives me "no criteria matches" message. I've tried with two different fields. So, I tried running manually without using criteria. All I get is "In Progress" on the status yet nothing has happened. I've tried twice and last Friday's is still "In Progress." Does anyone have any suggestions? I don't even know where to look.  I'm running Windows 7, ACT! Premium 2013.