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Managing Resources Issue

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Managing Resources Issue

Say a company would like to use ACT! as a scheduling manager. They enter all of their resources in ACT! and schedule contacts on the calendar with the resources they are going to be using.


Is there a way the company could get a report or view what days a particular resource is being used and when it's availability? 



If you click on the calendar from day to day they show you what resources are being used for that day but that can be repetitive going to each day to get information that a certain resource will be available 3 days out of the month- Same thing with looking up the availability from the availability tab. --it would get repetitive scrolling across a week, 2 weeks, month to see when its available.


I tried to do a keyword search of the particular resource to see if it would give me the results of activities inwhich they are being used, but it gives you no results.


Is anyone utilitzing ACT! for scheduling projects to contacts with the resources they are using, and found a way to view that information in some other round-about way?