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Making the Calendar Reveal Opportunity linkage.

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Making the Calendar Reveal Opportunity linkage.

So getting the basics out of the way.

This is about ACT! Premium v17.2

Database shared on a network.

Using Win7.


So my company is a Roofing Contractor, I am an estimator.  The company has been using ACT! in some form for a number of years, but without much frills. However to be more efficient we need to utilize the power of ACT! better.

A bit of back Ground on Estimating.  Estimating is very Lead/project oriented.  There can be one project, but many potential clients may want a bid from you for that one project.  During the actual estimating process, time utilization is important.

I have goggled for solutions, but I think I am short enough on direction that I am turning up short.


Steps in our process is this.

1. "G" up front enters in information about our upcoming Estimate in opportunities, entered into a customized Template.  Opportunities for us are projects that we bid on and either win or loose.

2. Companies are linked to the opportunity (Sometimes more than one client or General Contractor  at a Time)

3. Activities are linked using custom types, Bid Due, Pre-Bid, RFI due.

4. All bids are open and unassigned.  Bids are assigned based on priority and time available.  Some bids pass with no action.


Result for Calendar:

I see "G"'s name, the contact, and Type. (Type only if I hover).

I have no idea of the link to the opportunity.  Cannot see any other information except date and time.

Printing Calendar prints only my items (Which are few), and only as a name of a customer.

Outlook only imports my items, but I need to import all three of those activities.


What I want:

I want to be able to see these items on a calendar, ACT! or Outlook, with the Opportunity names available.  This gives me context and allow me to schedule a project based on time and priority.  (I am more or less qualifying and accepting the bid request)  Truthfully I don't care who the client is at this stage just that there is and Activity Type linked to an opportunity.  Preferably, I would like to filter out any connection to "G" as well.  She is an entry person only in this case.



Right now Looking at them from an Opportunity List or Task List is lacking total context for me.  Seeing them as Client name means little to me (I could have 4 different Opportunities linked to just one Client.) If  we can find a solution to this, then I can see if there is a way to better automate functions to reduce some duplicate entry.

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Re: Making the Calendar Reveal Opportunity linkage.

Some simple things might go toward what you are trying to achieve.

  • The Location field in the activity could be used to place the opportunity name in. That will show up in the calendar  on hover over.
  • Use the Task List as an alternative and sort by Location field which would bring those activities associated with an opportunity to the top.


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Re: Making the Calendar Reveal Opportunity linkage.

The Task List is the way to go, without buying an addon like Durkin Computing.  Activities that show up on the Task list can be associated with a company, group or opportunity.  That column will show up on the task list and you can sort by the column. You can associate the Opportunity when you create the activity. I do this all the time as I too may have an opportunity that can be connected to multiple contacts.

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