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Making all leads have the same field info

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Making all leads have the same field info

I currently have a customer field called "Referred By" and I have about 30 leads that are referred by a person A in Company X and 30 leads by person B in Company X.  The field shows the name of the person.  I don't want to have a bunch if different referral sources from the same company, I just want to make every contact be referred by the business name Company X.  How do give all the contacts a common referral source that currently have different names?

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Re: Making all leads have the same field info

Hello Thdeansta,

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If you'd like to update multiple contacts at the same time, once you have your Contact List view showing only the desired contacts (by performing a lookup, or omitting contacts from the list) you can use the Edit / Replace Field option.  You can select the desired field and provide the value.  This option will update all contacts listed in the Contact List at the time the command is initiated.


Note: Before making mass changes to your database, it is highly recommended to create a backup of your database (File > Backup > Database).

Greg Martin