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Making Reports With Topline Designer

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Country: Netherlands

Making Reports With Topline Designer



I have some problems with Act! 12 and making reports.

I have made 12 new tables and several new fields with Topline Designer (I have purchased this a month ago).

Now I want to make a summary of those new tables for my customers.

This summary must contain information about those 12 new tables (not everything, just some important fields). I know how to make a new report, but I can only choose fields(information) from 1 table. And I want to put all the tables in this report. How can I put the information from the different fields and tables in just one report?

Thanks for helping me.


Dennis v/d Kerkhof

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Re: Making Reports With Topline Designer

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Hallo Dennis

I live in Heemstede NL near Haarlem, I have ACT 2010 Premium and Topline Disgner and I work with

new created Topline databases together with ACT databases with Crystal Reports IX and with this I can make

report from ACT and TLDesign fields.

Come to me and You can see it, too complex to explain by word.

Tel 023-7513560 during business hours.

Wim Rippen.

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Re: Making Reports With Topline Designer



Did you ever get your problem sorted. I am looking a doing the same thing. I have just started the trial and have made 2 tables so far. I was going to buy the Topline dash as well for reports.


Any advice would be much appreciated.


Cheers Rachel