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Mail merge - appearance is emails in Outlook

Tuned Listener
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Mail merge - appearance is emails in Outlook

I use ACT Premium 2009 on XP Professional with Office 2007.


I use mail merge frequently and watch the process careful.


 Previously, when I do a mail merge, the emails are temporarily placed in the "draft" folder, then gets passed to the "outbox", sent and placed in the "sent" folder. One can see the folders being increased/decreased as mails are being received/sent by Outlook.


Now, I do not see the "outbox" being filled with outgoing emails - just the draft folder - although the emails are being sent perfectly fine.


Has anyone else seen this? Should I be concerned?


Thanks ... Steven

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Re: Mail merge - appearance is emails in Outlook

Since they're actually sending out and if you're ok with clearing out the Drafts folder, I would let it be.  If you want to troubleshoot the issue, try removing the ACT! address book and adding the address book back.  Then do another mail merge to see if they go to the Outbox.  You can also try another Outlook profile.