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Mail box emails gone??

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Mail box emails gone??


Please forgive me if there is already an answer for this but we are in panic here. My boss had like two thousand emails in his inbox and this morning they were all gone. Is there any place where Act archive them? If so how can I retrieve them?


it happened to my a while ago but I had like three hundred messages but I though I had done something to make them disappears, but I guess not.

Help please?



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Re: Mail box emails gone??

Call ACT! technical support (866-903-0006) if you're using internet email.  They will have a tool to retrieve the missing emails.
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Re: Mail box emails gone??

This is twice I've seen you post this "call tech support" advice. The problem is I experienced the same issue yesterday, and I waited on hold with Tech support for 45-minutes. As an ACC, I get premium support, and did not have the time to wait for it.


Perhaps you can advise where to get this utility you speak of, and if there is a white paper available?



Ken Quigley, BA, MCSE, ACC, APT
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Re: Mail box emails gone??

Hello Gus,


If you are using internet mail in ACT! you will need to call tech support and they can retrieve the email for you, and the tool is very difficult to use, this is why it's not made available to the public or to CC's only the advanced tech support team use the tool.


I haven't seen this issue in quite some time, only happened with older versions of ACT! which version of ACT! are you running?




Kurt Rosemann

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