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Mail Merge

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Mail Merge

When performing a mail merge, is there any way to preview the email being sent out when choosing the "Email" option?  If you choose the option "Word Processor" it gives you the option to view, but then it pops up multiple word documents (depending on the number of contacts that you merged) and for this option you still have to manually enter the contact names/addresses in the To:,Cc:, Bcc: boxes on your email screen (ie: Outlook). 
During a test run of the mail merge function, when only 1 contact was selected, the Email option was selected, the email was able to be viewed before it was sent.  So, there must be some way to view the emails being sent to more than one contact when a mail merge is being performed on more than one contact.  Can someone please help me figure this out?  Thank you!

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Re: Mail Merge