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Mail Merge

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Mail Merge

If I have a husband and wife added as seperate contacts is there a way for the mail merge to include both in the letter/email? Is there a better way to add both husband and wife for the mail merge to work? Thanks.
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Re: Mail Merge

This is always a throny requirement.  What the majority of our clients who need to pull this off do, is to use the Spouse field. 


Something like this:

Decide on which mate will be the contact to add the data in the Spouse field (in other words, we will always add it to the husband) and do not add the opposite name to the other mate - leave it blank.

This is important becuase it will help to avoid creating duplicates as when you create your lookup/group to merge to, you will include logic that says in effect - do not include anyone where Spouse is blank.


Create a copy of the label you are using, and modify it to include the Spouse field.


Hopefully you are using Act! 2009 or 2010, and then you can take advantage of the Relationship tab to relate the two seperate spouse contact records to one another so as to minimize ambiguity.