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Mail Merge quits in Windows 7

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Mail Merge quits in Windows 7

I am having this problem with ACT! 2011 on Windows 7 (SP1, 64 bit) machines with Office 2010.

ACT! version is: "Sage ACT! Premium 2011 Version, Hot Fix 6.


Outlook is used for sending mails.


I want to send email to a big list of contacts. I do following:

  • Write -> Mail Merge
  • send to Email
  • select template
  • select group
  • enter subject, record email subject in history
  • omit contacts with missing email
  • Finish

I can birefly see "Merging Records" dialog window.


Then the dialog goes away and nothing happens: no emails sent, no error messages.

We have three of these machines and all work exactly the same way.



I have another machine for testing:

Windows XP, Office 2007, ACT! is same version as above.

In that machine, Mail Merge works as expected.


Is there a problem with this combination of OS, Office version and ACT! version?

Any ideas?

Vesa Köppä
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Re: Mail Merge quits in Windows 7

I would suggest trying to break the problem down into its lowest common denominator.
About five contacts that you know you have email addresses on, and try to merge again to the default letter template letter.ADT.
Does this work?
This will help you identify if the problem is the wavelength of your contacts the database the operating system etc. I'm not aware of any issues with the operating system the version of Sage ACT! or the version of Microsoft Office that you have specified.
Given that the solution seems to be working on your Windows XP machine this may not solve your issues. But it's a good first step. Let me know the know the results.

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