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Mail Merge from Act! to word 2007

Tuned Listener
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Mail Merge from Act! to word 2007

I have created a mail merge from act! using word 2007. It is merging all the fields correctly except for the address fields


When for instance when "Address 3" is empty "Town/city" will be moved across so it does not align with the rest of the address. I have looked through the forum and haven't found anything addressing this issue.




               10 blogs street

                blogs town

                                       blogs city

                BO22 7BL


Can't seem to resolve this problem and when doing large mail merges is a big issue.




Nickel Super Contributor
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Re: Mail Merge from Act! to word 2007

Open the template in Word, and click the show/hide button (paragraph sign).

Make sure you have no extra spaces (shown as dots) after the field name/s (see in attachment after business line 2).  If so, delete them.

You will also be able to see if there are any other non-printing characters/symbols that need to be deleted.  The only character you should see is the paragraph symbol.

Save the template and try again.




Rita Kogstad
RKA Associates
Stamford, CT