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Mail Merge Not Working

Nickel Elite Contributor
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Re: Mail Merge Not Working

1. Changed MS Channel Setting from Current Channel to Semi-Annual.
2. Uninstalled Act!.
3. Restarted computer.
4. Reinstalled Act!.
5. Attempted to do a mail merge and got "Error: "Unable to cast COM object of type 'Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.ApplicationClass' to interface type 'Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word._Application'..." when attempting to merge to Microsoft Word".
6. Found this error message in Act! KB which suggested doing an Office repair.
7. Ran an Office Quick repair.
8. Restarted computer.
9. Opened Act! and Outlook. Ran a mail merge successfully.
9a. Email ALWAYS records as "Subject, message and all attachments" regardless of which is selected.
9b. Attachment DOES get sent and attached to History.

ISSUE RESOLVED using Act! Prm v22.1 and Office 2016.

Dan Pisano
ACT! Certified Consultant
The Dapian Group, LLC
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Re: Mail Merge Not Working

@Mike11 wrote:

I got the same impression as some other people writing on this post and similar onces. 


I MUST say, ACT support is not really a help! It looks to me, that this is an ongoing issue. Also the recommendation to use the semi-anual channel does NOT work. What I also can say, if you start ACT in the Admin mode, the mails will NOT get transfered into the DRAFT folder. So however, in the MOMENT there is NO SOLUTION - unless I use the ACT text editor. But this means, to convert all the previous created documents. :-( 


I would assume, that one of the main functions on a CRM system, is the possibility for customer communication. I don`t need the system to store the phone numbers!!!! 


I understand, that these topics are complex and also that`s may not easy to fix BUT I would EXPECT, that ACT SUPPORT takes care and comes up with some ideas. Also to refer it to MS Office - I think, it's not my job to fix issues between these companies.


BY THE WAY - ACT is charging a lot for the license fee!!!!

Hello Michael,


Mail-Merge Emails getting stuck in the Outlook draft folder is something we are aware of. We created a knowledgebase article on this topic about 2 months ago.


Outlook Integration Mail-Merge Emails Stuck in Drafts Folder


Here is what we know. For users that have Outlook set to update on the Current or Monthly Enterprise channels, mail-merge emails get stuck in the Outlook drafts folder. We started to see reports of this in September.

The issue is caused because in those versions of Office / Outlook, outside of Act! users are unable to merge using Microsoft Word and Excel. The same thing happens in that the emails get stuck in the Outlook drafts folder. Our software ties into that process, hence our mail-merge bumps into the same issue.


Our users have had success with setting Office / Outlook to use Semi-Annual Enterprise channel, where this issue does not exist. We have been recommending our users the be on this channel for quite some time. It offers more stability for users that run add-in in Outlook.


Recommended Microsoft Office update channel settings when using Act! with Office 2019, 2016 or Offic...


This does align to what Microsoft recommend Overview of update channels for Microsoft 365 Apps


I was able to test on build 12527.21416 which is the build as of December 8th on the Semi-Annual Enterprise Channel and mail-merge was successful.

My recommendation is to set your Office / Outlook update channel to Semi-Annual Enterprise, be careful not to set to Semi-Annual Preview as that will include different features / updates.


Kind regards



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Re: Mail Merge Not Working

According to the Microsoft update channel, the 2nd Tuesday of January, 2021, will include the offending code and we will all experience the difficulty with mail merge that is the source of this thread unless Act! has figured out what makes it not work. 


Is this a situation where we need to not update on the 2nd Tuesday of January, 2021? Has Act! worked out the changes necessary to accommodate the upcoming update?




Astute Commentator
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Re: Mail Merge Not Working

Good question. I have not received any ACT updates.

Copper Contributor
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Re: Mail Merge Not Working

For me the problem is solved. One of the big issues has been, that the change in MS has not been activated WITHOUT pressing manually the UPDATE buttom in the MS app. However, I also found a smart way of doing the change without reinstalling ACT:


1. download ODT from MS and extract it on your PC


2. create an XML file with the following content (e.g: changeTo64.XML


<Add OfficeClientEdition="64"


3. run the ODT file as an Admin with the following cmmand




This will delete the 32 version, install the 64 and change the update channel to SemiAnual


Finally - MY SYSTEM WORKS :-)


Copper Contributor
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Re: Mail Merge Not Working

Dear All,

I have some additional information for solving this issue, because the problem occured again. The reason for that was an update on my current licnece for MS Office.


My entire MS Office product had been reloded. So after that, I tried to run my previous istallation file - please see my other post. For what ever reason it did not work. I assume that I had already the 64 Bit version installed. So anyhow, I found another way for changing to semianual in case you still need it:


1. go to the comand area ( type cmd)


2. change to the following directory: C:\programme\common files\microsoft shared\clicktorun


3. in this directory run the following program: officec2rclient.exe /changesetting channel=semiannual


4. than run the file again: officec2rclient.exe /update user


5. now office performance an update and it will take some time. However, afterwords OUTLOOK is set to SEMI ANNUAL 


***** you might have now the same issue: ACT email did not work! Try by sending an normal email


I got the message abot a COM Object that does not work!!


Now you have to run an MS OFFICE repair. - that does not take long! 


However start OUTLOOK and ACT again and --> it works ( hopefully also for you)