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Mail Merge Issue...

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Mail Merge Issue...

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We are using ACT! by Sage Premium for Workgroups 2007 (9.0) (EX Edition) Version, Hotfix 1,
English (United States).


We are trying to mail merge emails.  We have setup a rule which works and the records appear correctly in the group view.  However, when we mail merge the emails are going to some records that do not appear in the group view.  For example we have created a field "Do not Send email" if the value is checked, the records should not receive emails, and these records correctly do not appear in the group view.  However, when we mail merge for this group, the records with checked value in "Do not Send email" received the email where as these records should have been excluded as they were from the group view.  


Could anyone please help?


Sajid Khan

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Re: Mail Merge Issue...

So you set up a dynamic group using criteria and one of them is the do not email field?  Or are you removing them manually from the group if the are not to receive email? If you go to the group and then choose to create lookup, the do not email people are definitely not in that lookup?  When you perform the mail merge are you using the select group and selecting the specific group or using current lookup? My questions are based on the assumption you have created a group.


Sorry for the many questions - sometimes this helps finding the issue.

Kris Lock
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