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Mail Merge Contact Field

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Mail Merge Contact Field

I am using ACT! Premium for sorting contacts for my mail out list.  I don't always know the contact names for the businesses I am mailing.  The problem I am having is when I do a mail merge through ACT! into MS Word 2007, I have a greeting line "Dear <contact>," (merge field from ACT!).  However, if I do not have a contact name there it leaves it blank so it reads "Dear  ,"


When using mail merge from Excel into MS Word 2007, Word gives me the option to put the contact name in the merge field and if there is no contact name then it will alternatively write "Sir or Madam"


I am trying to avoid having to export from ACT! and saving as an Excel document then importing to Word, but I can't figure out any other way to personalize the field when using ACT! to mail merge directly into Word. 


Please help!!

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Re: Mail Merge Contact Field

Instead of using the <Contact> field, what if you used the <Salutation> field.  Then, lookup everyone that has a blank Contact field (Lookup > Contact "Does Not Contain Data").  Once you find all the blank contacts set the appropriate salutation for each one.


Another option is to create a different letter template that just says something like "Dear Friend or Dear Customer".  Then use that for the people without contact names.  Good luck.

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