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Macros in ACT Premium

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Macros in ACT Premium

Hi all, hoping for some tips around macros in ACT (if they even exist!)


I perform a number of repetitive processes in ACT Premium and wondered whether there was a way in which they could be sped up using macros (like Excel).


i.e. I'm on a particular record and I want to a) add a blank 'call attempt' and then b) schedule a call for 4 weeks' time. Or a) add a blank "call attempt" and re-schedule an existing task for 4 weeks into the future.


Ideally a hotkey would be used for this i.e. 'Ctrl+M' etc


Appreciate any guidance given Smiley Happy


Best wishes,


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Re: Macros in ACT Premium

ACT! does not have macros.
Roy Laudenslager
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Re: Macros in ACT Premium

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Hi Lewis


I use a Logitech 'gaming' mouse (I don't game) and their 'Logitech Gaming Software' (free download from their website) with an old version of Act!


I don't see any reason why your newer version of Act! will work also.


Works great! Keyboard strokes only when setting up Macro (no mouse movements) which is more stable anyway.


If you are interested (or anyone else) in more details please feel free to ask.





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Re: Macros in ACT Premium

Up to ACT 6 you could run macros, after that it will take field triggers for things like starting an activity series or app.


You might want to investigate the ACT Connect Link for 3rd party apps here -