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Lost productivity upgrading to Act! Premium v19

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Lost productivity upgrading to Act! Premium v19

Current Act! users should be aware of lost in productivity when upgrading to Act! Premium v19. Act! users with ACT! Versions 2005 (7.x) and Later installed must uninstall Act! before installing v19. The greatest lost in productivity is the time required to restoring customizations that do not upgrade:


snap1692.jpg"Items That Do Not Upgrade
Note the following items that do not upgrade.
Menu/toolbar and column customizations. Customizations are lost. You must redo your menu/toolbar and column customizations. See the Help for information about menus and toolbars you can customize."


This according to "Upgrading to Act! v19 from ACT! Versions 2005 (7.x) and Later, page iii" (note: the document footer text incorrect denotes "Upgrading to Act! v18") found in the Product Document > Upgrading from Act! version 2005 (7.x) and Later.


This issue should be at the top of the product enhancement list

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Re: Lost productivity upgrading to Act! Premium v19

Hi ptrombetta,


It is true that the main toolbars will be reset during the upgrade. If you have a backup of your personal files including Menus and Toolbars, then these can be restored after upgrading. This can be found in File > Back Up > Personal Files.




The custom menu items will still exist in the customisation menu, but will need to be manually dragged back onto the toolbars after restoring.