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Lost Contacts & Contacts becoming Private

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Lost Contacts & Contacts becoming Private

The CEO of our company has his own ACT database that was started about 15 years ago.  We are currently using ACT Premium 2009 version 11.1.  He is the only user in his database and is the administrator.  Last week he called me and said that a contact that had been in his database for a number of years was missing.  I had him try a few different lookups but he couldn't find it.  Yesterday he called me and said his wife's contact had become private.  He noticed this by looking at his calendar and seeing on her birthday a message that the contact associated with the meeting was locked because it was private. 


Another issue he has had over the last couple of months is that when he does a lookup on a specific name the screen comes back blank except for randomly placed boxes.  Obviously he thinks his database has become corrupted.  I ran the 'Check and Repair' under Database Maintenance but it didn't seem to help. 


I read one post that mentioned the record manager was the only person who could see a private contact...the only problem is he is the only user and has been the only user in the database so even if he accidentally made a record private he should still be able to see it.  Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!!

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Re: Lost Contacts & Contacts becoming Private

If the database is 15 years old and there has not been any archiving and purging of old activity data (both open and closed activities) perhaps there are problems with the activity tables. The first thing to do would be to run database maintenance. If you are familar with Actdiag utility in ACT! you can run a repair specific to the activity tables. Beyond clearing old activities and running the utilities you could create another database, Copy save as, and export the data to the new database, in doing so the problem may be cleared.  

Possibly there is more than one user in the database, check with Tools | Manage users to see that there is only one user. If the activities that are private  have another user as record manager then that would explain the problem.

The issue with displaying only part of the layout is probably not related to the first issue. It may be low resources on the PC, insufficient RAM or a video acceleration or video driver issue, backup and restore the database to another PC running ACT! and see how that performs. To run ACT! with less than 1GB RAM is not ideal, so check the specifications of the machine and check that Windows Updates are current. Disk defrag is also important, extra important if disk space is less than 20% of total disk size.             

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Re: Lost Contacts & Contacts becoming Private

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