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Looking for ACT 2012 Mapping Program

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Looking for ACT 2012 Mapping Program

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My company has ACT! Premium 2012 Version


I am looking for a mapping program. What I want to do in a nutshell is have a lookup and then be able to plot those contact's locations on a map all together.


I have looked briefly online, but haven't had much luck with anything that will work with 2012. I prefer something that you buy once and isn't subscription-based (like BusinessWebMap), although I'm open to all options depending on what my choices are.


For those that have tried BusinessWebMap with 2012 or similar versions, what have your experiences been like?

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Re: Looking for ACT 2012 Mapping Program

We had looked into developing an add-on in this direction a couple of years ago but had deserted the project due to the costs that come from the three big players and their licencing models.


Google Maps, Bing Maps and Yahoo Maps


I believe that is most probably why BusinessWebMaps have gone with the subscription model.

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