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Login failed for user 'ACTADMIN'.

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Login failed for user 'ACTADMIN'.

I am trying to unpack and restore a remote database on a client. I am using ACT! 2008 Premium and have done the unpack and restore on other clients succesfully. This one is giving me the message "Cannot open database "MyDBName" requested by the login. The login failed. Login failed for user 'ACTADMIN' ." I have uninstalled SQL and ACT! twice from this machine but still getting it. Also checked the DEP and it seems correct.


Any suggestions are welcome...


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Re: Login failed for user 'ACTADMIN'.

That can mean something is wrong with the SQL implementation... are you running any other SQL applications on that machine?


If not, try this uninstall/reinstall:

This is a procedure I wrote to get the most clean install possible:
Uninstall any version of ACT! from Windows Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs
Use the Uninstaller.exe from the ACT! KB 19338 (the exe, not the manual uninstall)
Uninstall .Net Framework (all versions) - this does NOT apply to Vista users as .Net 2.0 is part of the OS and can't be uninstalled
Uninstall any MS SQL items from the Control Panel if still there
Uninstall MSXML 6 Services from Control Panel if it's still there
Perform a Selective restart with MSCONFIG as per ACT! KB 14499
Install .Net 2.0 Framework (only 2.0 for ACT! 9/10) from MS web site (only XP, not Vista)-
Manually install MS SQL as per ACT! KB 19386
Install ACT! 10.0 full install
Install ACT! 10.03 patch if the previous install was a previous build (if other machines are not running 10.03, you must update them as well or just update this one to the same ver - all systems must be on same build)

Restore from Selective Startup Mode with MSCONFIG

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Re: Login failed for user 'ACTADMIN'.

Actually, before that, did the ZIP finish extracting? If so, try and delete the PDF and just open the ADF file (file Open - change file type)


Another thing I've seen fix this one is to change the login for the SQL service to an Admin user instead of Local Service