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Load old Act data into Act 16 Premier

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Load old Act data into Act 16 Premier

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Not knowing enough about how to save aisles and act I did the following. I saved the files with the extension ADF, ALF, PAD including the supporting directories. They were saved the computer called Bob and eventually moved to another computer called AXBob. On this new computer I tried to load the van into the new Act 16 Premier. The following two methods were used and I received the following error messages, executing the extension "PAD" & "ADF". I actually was in Act and used open/share database. How can I use those important files.


Using PAD extension:

A successful connection was made to the "Bob" computer but the act database "builder_Good" was not found. The database may have been moved or deleted. Searching for and opening the file "Builder_Good" on the "Bob" computer may resolve this issue.


Using ADF extension:

The "Bob" computer could not be reached because the port "1434" may be blocked. Opening the port or reconfiguring your firewall settings may resolve  this issue.

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Re: Load old Act data into Act 16 Premier

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This article will explain the correct way to move a database from 1 machine or directory to another machine or directory although there are alternative methods.


This is for ACT! 2013 or later


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Re: Load old Act data into Act 16 Premier

My problem is I no longer have the originating computer. The file was created with Act 13 Pro. I now have Act 16 Premium.


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Re: Load old Act data into Act 16 Premier

Are you able to successfully open the Demo database?


the PAD file created by act stores information on the act database machine name, database name etc, so this can not be transferred from one machine to another of a different name and installation location and work properly.

The most secure option is to backup the database and use the restore database AS option on the new machine. It is a good practise to always have current backups of your datafile to work with. See this article to use act scheduler to create a backup task to run.


You can open your act database by the ADF, as you did try to do. Some things to note before doing this.

  1. Rename, delete or move the current PAD file from your main directory.
  2. Ensure that you are try to open the ADF file from the computer that the database resides on. (You can not open the ADF across a shared network location.
  3. Ensure that the SQL Server (ACT7) and SQL browser services are also running on the act database machine.

The error message you received when trying to open the ADF can occur when the SQL Server Browser service is not started.


  1. Click the Windows® Start button, and then click Run. The Run dialog box appears.
  2. Type services.msc into the Open field, and then click OK. The Services utility launches.
  3. Scroll down and right click on SQL Server Browser and select Start.
  4. Test opening Sage ACT! and access the shared database.


You may also want to disable any firewall/antivirus software while you're testing as it can often interfere. (even on the local machine.)

Once you've manged to open the ADF it will want to verify the database. Allow this to happen. It will then also create a new PAD file.

Logging in to your database for the first time you will be prompted to upgrade your database. Please create the backup when prompted and proceed.


Hope this helps.

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Re: Load old Act data into Act 16 Premier

The answer above should resolve the problem.


Link to ACT knowledgebase on this subject is