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List view issue (or is it an issue)

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List view issue (or is it an issue)

We are getting an annoying 'issue' where in List View we lost our focus on the current highlight record each time we re-sort the column by a different criteria.



Example:  When in List View with either all contact or a (custum lookup) of around hundreds (or thousands) of contact records sorted by Company Name.  We highlight a contact record as a record of interest with.  We then click on the Contact column to re-sort the list by Last Name.  The sorting work fine but we loose focus of the record we orginally highlighted.  Quite often it would take a lots of scrolling up or down to get back to the originally highlighted record.  Which is ver time consuming becasue we need do a quick re-sort to see other record with common Last Name as the originally highlighted reocrd.


With the example above, in the old Act version (version 2006) re-sorting the listview always perserve the view to our current highlight record so that the everything would be sort by Last Name but centered at around the highlight record.  We didn't need to do any scrolling.


Is it something wrong with our current Act installation or are we doing something wrong.


Any help appreciated.  We are using Act Premium 2011.



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Re: List view issue (or is it an issue)

Not sure about older versions of ACT but 2010 does this all the time not only with list view but one of the most annoying ones is with quick company list view.   The **bleep** thing snaps to the bottom of the screen all the time and is really quite annoying when trying to make divisions (with 30+ divisions it is a huge pain).


Anyways what are you trying to sort on to limit or change your view.  My suggestion is I would do a narrow lookup (probably the best solution) or omit / view selected to narrow your view based off of another column.

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