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Linking Histories

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Linking Histories

In ACT, I have a few contacts with the same Contact Name, and any time I type a history in one, it will populate a history in the other. I've created 5 new contacts with the same name, but these do not populate history across all names. I'm unsure if I set these up to link in the past or not, but I would like the 5 contacts with the same names to link as well so that I can type the history in one and have if automatically populate in the other 4. How do I set this up? I've added them to the same company, and they all have the same contact name. I've also tried going to tools and startup and to link companies there with no success. I can't remember how I got them to link in the past, any help would be appreciated, thanks! An example below:


ID                       Contact        Company              

Property1             Owner1        Generic

Property34           Owner1        Generic

Property57           Owner1        Generic

Property101         Owner1        Generic

Property109         Owner1        Generic





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Re: Linking Histories

If you want to record a manual history to more than one contact, you can select multiple contacts in the Contact field when creating the history item.

Greig Hollister

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