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Limits on number of contacts in an email?

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Limits on number of contacts in an email?

I am using ACT! Premium (Cloud), PC with Windows 10, Chrome browser.


I am a new user, so please bear with me.


I am simply trying to email a group of our contacts.  Not e-marketing, just a simple email letting them know that the server will be down during the weekend.  I have three groups, and tried to select all three to email them the same message.  However, I got an error message saying that there are too many contacts for the email.  Odd.  I tried then to create three emails, one for each group.  ACT! will allow me to do this for two of the groups, but not the third (the biggest). This third group has about 75 contacts, which doesn't seem excessive to me.  I do not think this has anything to do with our server.  I had no trouble with limits when we used other platforms to do the same thing.


Any advice greatly appreciated.



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Re: Limits on number of contacts in an email?

Hi Mary,


The email button on the global toolbar is designed for emailing individual and small groups of contacts. It's not particularly suited for mass emailing due to the fact that Outlook will insert the addresses into the TO: field on the new email, which will display all your contacts email addresses to those contacts who receive the email.


A more optimal method for emailing multiple contacts would be through Act emarketing. This way, your emails will not be sent through your mail client and will have no impact on your email system. This will also give you more options such as inserting mail merge fields to customise the email for each recipient.

Here are some Act emarketing tutorial videos to help you get started. 


Other option would be through the mail merge feature in Act. This will automatically send individual emails to the contacts selected, and again will allow you to customise the emails for each recipient with merge fields. Depending on the number of contacts you are sending mail to, this could impact your mail system performance and take some time. We recommend you batch your mail merge sends into groups of 100 contacts or less.