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Licensing issue on remote database

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Licensing issue on remote database

We have 3 user licenses of Act Premium 2008 v10. I have 2 remote databases setup, one for each salesperson on their laptops and the third license is used by our controller to run sales reports as well as by myself for maintenance. One of our salesmen left and another person in the company moved into sales and took over his laptop. At first I just had that user logging into Act as the original user. However the sales team has now decided how they will divide up the original sales person's accounts and wanted me to reassign opportunities to the two people in sales. So I made the original sales user's account inactive, created a new one for the new sales person and tested the logon on the server, no problems. However, I then tried to log in as the new user on the laptop running a remote database and it said the user did not have rights. I then tried the original user name and was able to login. I assumed that the remote database didn't know about the new user yet so I did a manual sync. I closed Act and reopened and tried the new user name. I was able to log on, but got a message on the screen that we were violating the licensing because we had too many users for the number of licenses. After 30 seconds or so it let me in and I checked Manage Users. All four users showed up and all showed as active, even though on the server one of them was inactive(I x2 checked).

I then figured maybe I had to rebuild the remote database to get it to figure out the active/inactive users. This didn't work either. Initially when I tried to rebuild the remote or create a new remote on the server I received a missing error. So I uninstalled/reinstalled Act(great fix Sage! that seems to be the answer to everything. Would love some software that could figure out what it was missing and maybe download itself and why do dll's go missing in the first place?) Finally I was able to create a new remote database, restore it on the laptop and log in as the new user and not have it yell at me for violating licenses. SO, my problem is solved, I'm just curious why the original remote database that had been working for 9 months couldn't pick up the info on the user status changes?

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Re: Licensing issue on remote database

Since you were logged in as that user when syncing, it didn't place it as inactive.  If you were to sync again under the new user, it should switch that user to inactive.  If it didn't you switch the user to active on the server, sync, switch the user to inactive and sync again.  This should transfer the changes to the remote.