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Licensing for RDB's in ACT 2009 Premium

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Licensing for RDB's in ACT 2009 Premium

Today I ran a test install for ACT 2009 Premium on a laptop containing an RDB for ACT 2008 Premium. The update/install went ok for both the program and the update to the RDB. Here is my problem. Before, my company had 40 licenses on one certificate, and another 21 on various certificates giving me a total of 61 licenses. All have been updated for 2009 Premium, but are now split as follows: 6 certificates containing 10 licenses, and 1 certificate containing 1 license (giving me a total of 61 as I mentioned before). After updating and registering one of the certificates on this RDB, I get a screen saying "You are not in compliance with ACT! licensing terms. The number of active users exceeds the number of licenses available in this database." Since the RDB contains information for all active users (about 45 currently) it is saying that the 10 licenses currently registered on this machine arent enough to support all 45, even though only 1 person actually uses this one machine. My question is, when I upgrade the server and put all the new license numbers in, when I sync the RDB's will all the license numbers transfer from the main database to the RDB's preventing this message, or am I going to have to hand input all 7 certificates into each machine individually? I know in the old version (2008) the license numbers did not transfer, but it also doesn't expect you to have a license for every user in the main database on the remote machine. 


Thanks for your time! 

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Re: Licensing for RDB's in ACT 2009 Premium

The licenses should transfer upon sync.  You will not need to register all 7 licensees on the machines.