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Letter & fax template

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Letter & fax template

I use ACT! 11.0 Premium with 40 users syncronising using a SQL server. I have amended both the letter and fax templates. The issue is that ACT time stamps the amended files therefore when you go to 'write', 'letter' or 'fax'. ACT states that it cannot fine the file. However many times I rename the file one the users syncronise the time stamp come sback and I have the same issue.


Anyone have a solution?

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Re: Letter & fax template

The addition of time stamps to file names was an attended change made in 10.0.3.  The reason for the change was to get around the issue of long GUIDs being added to file names caused by duplicate attachments.


We are aware of the issue that this has caused with templates and it will be addressed in a future update.  As for now, you can call ACT! support for a temporary solution.