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Letter Template Field

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Letter Template Field

I am working on a letter template. We have the option for the user to enter a spouse name along with the main contact name. In the letters we want them to read "Dear <Contact 1> and <Contact 2>," or "Dear John and Sue,". the problem is to conditionally hide the "and" when there is no contact 2 entered. So we want it to read "Dear John," instead of "Dear John and," when there is no contact 2.


I've tried a bunch of different things and I'm starting to come to the conclussion that is is yet another limitation of ACT.


In word I've tried something like...

{ IF { DOCVARIABLE [ACTFIELD]TBL_CONTACT.CUST_Contact2_103014312 } = "" "" " and " }

but that gives me an "Object has been deleted" error, which doesn't make much sense to me...

(I did create the {} in word using ctrl-F9)

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Re: Letter Template Field

Reach out to Roy_Laudenslage on the ACT! Community.  He may know of a way to get this working.



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Re: Letter Template Field