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I am using Sage ACT! Premium 2010 and i have designed 5 contact screens ie the layouts , each screen is meant for 5 different type of users from different departments.How is it possible that each user can only use a particular screen or layout permitted for him to enter data and the rest 4 is not visible for short i want to add restrictions in selected layouts.

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Re: Layouts



Out of the box, the only way is to create different layouts and just set the default (Tools, preferences, Startup)  However, a great tool we learned about at Sage Insights last week. Secured Tab Custom Control for layouts


"you have a custom control to do just that. Note you still have to secure fields via Define Fields, since those will be available in ACT! in different areas of the product.  However, this is a nice way to clean up your layouts if you have a lot of secured fields such that only users allowed to view a tab will see it.  Quite useful if you segment visibility of fields by department for example (HR, Exec, etc...). "


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