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Layout Designer Snap-to-Grid Problem (bug?)

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Layout Designer Snap-to-Grid Problem (bug?)

While positioning multiple fields in the Layout Designer, I noticed the Snap-to-grid feature is not consistent.


I would align several elements, both text and fields, and then suddenly, one element would snap to a different grid than the rest of the elements. From there, all the other elements would not snap to the original grid to which they were positioned, but the new, odd grid.


Note: the visual grid doesn't change. All the dots are in the same place. It is whatever meta-grid the designer uses for element positioning.


Also, the shift appears to happen after scrolling up or down in the window (note: not the layout designer scrollbar but the tab's scrollbar). Perhaps when scrolling the snap-to-grid is shifted.


Any suggestions on a remedy and does anyone have similar issues?



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Re: Layout Designer Snap-to-Grid Problem (bug?)

I will attempt to reproduce here and report it as an issue if I can.  Instead of using the grid to align fields, use the Align feature by going to Format > Align