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Large 'Preference' files causing oversize Roaming Profile

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Large 'Preference' files causing oversize Roaming Profile

We're running a multiuser v10 system on XP machines - including some laptops with remote databases.


I can't believe we're the only folk to be bothered by this, but I've never seen it discussed - so here goes:


For some crazy reason, ACT created very large preference files and insisted in storing them in the user's roaming profile.  We've had the problem at v9 too but, for v10, I'm particularly referring to a file called 'ConnectedBars258' sitting at 11.4MByte which is stored in....


  C:\Documents and Settings\**user**\Application Data\ACT\ACT for Windows 10\Preferences


As I understand it, roaming profiles are used by some businesses (ours included) to allow users to switch desks and locations whilst still seeing their familiar desktop and application settings.  This seems pointless in the case of ACT, which the setup/defaults information is only useful on the user's prime machine (where the software and database reside).  So why doesn't ACT store it in the 'Local Data' part of the user profile?  Or why can't the location be selectable?


The reason this gives us a problem is that our IT policy limits us to a roaming profile size of 30Mbytes (20 Mbytes if you don't have a hatstand and a thick carpet) and, if you are oversize, it is impossible to logout normally.  The kludges to get round this are either to kill the profile quota process ('proquota') or to delete the 'ConnectedBars258' file before you logout.  A pain either way.  Deleting the file causes no problems to our ACT installations (I think I learned it was to do with customised menus, which we don't use) but the next time you open ACT, it kindly recreates the file.


I know that increasing the profile quota by another 10Mbytes would solve the problem but, unfortunately that is not a possibility within our organisation.


Does anyone else recognise this as an issue?  Is there any chance that ACT will re-think their policy in future versions?  Most importantly, has anyone discovered a smart trick which will permanently place that file elsewhere than in the roaming profile?



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Re: Large 'Preference' files causing oversize Roaming Profile



Unfortunately, ACT! was not developed or tested in this network setup, it is not recommended or supported at this time.


Its documented in the following knowledgebase article.

Does ACT! Work with Roaming Profiles?



Please submit a feature request to be considered in a future version -